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Vivier Brighten & Restore Program (2% HQ)

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This brighten & restore program includes a complete routine of products designed to improve the look of dark spots, fine lines, irregular texture and tone, while protecting against future damage and recapturing a natural healthy glow.

Includes the following full-size products in a Vivier branded vegan leather bag:
- Medicated Wash
- Advanced Skin Lightening Serum
- Corrector 2
- Exfoliant Forte
- Retinol 1.0%

Our Programs approach
Each Vivier Program is designed as a complete end to end routine to Prepare, Target, Moisturize and Protect your skin. We specifically tailor each program to your skin condition and needs to ensure the best results. Each product prepares the skin for the next step and when combined as directed, ensure visible, predictable results, at a better value.

Save 18% more than when buying these products individually!



Medicated Wash

Advanced Skin Lightening Serum
Retinol 1%
Exfoliant Forte

Corrector 2



Q: Can this program be combined with a chemical peel?
A: Yes. For improved results, we recommend combining a Vivier Peel™ or TX JESSNER PLUS peel with your Brighten & Restore Program (2% HQ). Begin your program following your first in-office peel, get your second peel after 8 weeks and complete your program after 12 weeks.

Q: What do I do if I run out of one product before the others?
A: You may choose to purchase that product individually as long as you are using this treatment and do not exceed the maximum of 12 weeks of use of 2% hydroquinone. After 12 weeks, we recommend that you cycle off to the Brighten & Restore Program (Non-HQ) or one of our Anti-Aging Programs for maintenance.