About Us

At SuperiorSkin, we know it can be a difficult process to find skin care products that truly deliver results you can see and feel. You deserve to get full value for your investment in your skin care products and be part of the beautiful skin revolution as well. We are here to help in your quest to find the perfect skin care regime.   

It is our passion to share with you pharmaceutical-grade anti-aging products that are trusted and recommended by dermatologists and plastic surgeons around the globe. A doctor's credibility means everything which is why they offer Vivier anti-aging solutions to their patients seeking to reverse the signs of aging.      

Seeing results doesn't happen by chance or by mass marketing campaigns providing false hopes. Results are directly related to the quality and effectiveness of the ingredients, the formulation stability and the strength of the product to actually work in the layers of the skin.

Vivier Pharma, the makers of the Vivier brand, are true masters and market leaders in developing and manufacturing these high quality dermatologist-recommended skin care solutions. Combined with the superior service and customer care support at SuperiorSkin we guarantee your satisfaction backed by our Bottom Of The Jar Guarantee

If you have any questions or would like help shopping, drop us a line at any time. Our dedicated customer care support team is here for you. Don't forget to to join our fan club so you can enhance your shopping experience with the latest promotions, info on new releases and much more.