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Introducing the NEW Retinol 1% Night Repair

December 22, 2014 1 Comment

An effective anti-aging complex with 1% pure Retinol.  THE PERFECT COMPLEMENT TO ANY COMPLEXION AND EVERY SKIN CARE REGIME.

Revitalize while you sleep and wake up to a younger, fresher you.

Brand new to the VivierSkin brand is the impressive Retinol 1% Night Repair already creating a buzz.  After two intensive years of research and development, Vivier Pharma, has hit a grand slam again with an all-star pharmaceutical grade skin care product that delivers on its word.

An enhanced anti-aging complex specially formulated for all skin types to improve the appearance of aging that contains a unique combination of 1% pure Retinol, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Shea Butter; 4 powerful key ingredients!

The Retinol 1% Night Repair incorporates a slow release microencapsulation technology to protect the Retinol from external influences and ensure effective absorption over time.  While many other Retinols are sensitive to light and air which decreases potency, this formula ensures stability and full delivery of Retinol's benefits. 

A gradual release of Retinol gives more results!  The Retinol 1% Night Repair helps promote cell renewal by helping to increasing collagen and elastin production which contributes to younger, healthier skin.  It is also designed to help prevent wrinkles and fine lines while evening skin tone, decreasing pore size and reducing dark spots.  Using the Retinol 1% Night Repair you will feel skin as soft as silk and within days you will see the results of tighter and smoother skin. 


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Fouzia Naz
Fouzia Naz

January 23, 2017

I would love to try this product.

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