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Vivier GrenzCine Neck (Gift With Purchase)

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A new discovery redefining the way to fight the signs of aging.

Introducing Vivier Pharma's groundbreaking new innovation in skin care technology.

Designed to effectively lift the neck tissue and reduce submental fat on the neck, the GrenzCine Neck is an exclusive correcting cream that helps to remove years of unwanted signs of aging. This patent pending discovery, combining Vitamin C plus Polyamine-DAB™, is truly a unique solution for improving the health of the skin ultimately boosting the skin's thickness while firming and toning. The GrenzCine Neck™ is an ideal complement to neck firming clinic treatments. 

Clinically proven and recommended by physicians to thicken the skin from the “outside in” and boosting the collagen from the “inside out” for a more luminous and youthful appearance. Don't let the aging process thin out and wrinkle your skin. 

Supported by 30 years of research by renowned Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Ken Dolynchuk, the GrenzCine™ Neck (pronounced Grenz-seen) is the latest release in the GrenzCine™  family of multi-layer and multi-functional anti-aging solutions containing Vivier's proprietary Polyamine-DAB™. 

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